Ready to buy your first large real estate deal?

The process is called syndication, and the trick is finding great deals. To understand what a great deal is, you have to properly analyze it. I'm going to teach you how.

The Analyzer Model

Not like other complex models. Designed with the idea of being simple enough for people that aren't tech experts, but powerful enough to provide the information an investor needs to make an educated investment decision

The Education

Dive deep into everything you need to know to become an expert underwriter. The extensive video series will take you step by step through the process. At the end of the course you will be ready to tackle complex deals and explain them to your investors with complete confidence

The Direct Access

Weekly calls to ensure you are understanding the material and retaining the knowledge. You'll have a chance to directly ask the experts any questions and receive one-on-one support. We guarantee you will walk away as a confident underwriter.

The cost of knowing the numbers..


I just need the model and knowledge. No direct support.

$197one time
  • Analyzer model
  • Video course
  • Underwriting newsletter


I need it all. Direct support with the experts will ensure I grasp it.

$497one time
  • Analyzer model
  • Video course
  • Underwriting newsletter
  • One on one underwriting support
  • 8 group calls with the experts
  • Get plugged into the network

The expert teaching you how to become an underwriting nerd...

Brock Mogensen

Managing Partner/Head Underwriter @ Smart Asset Capital

Starting with a duplex in 2018, Brock instantly fell in love with the power of cash flowing real estate as a path towards wealth and true freedom; but he knew he had to find a way to scale quicker. After discovering the concept of syndication, he knew that was the way to do it. Brock spent the next 6 months learning everything he could about underwriting multifamily real estate. He then took that newfound knowledge and partnered with two experienced investors that sought his underwriting expertise. Fast forward a few years (+analyzing literally billions of dollars worth of deals), and the firm has acquired over $20M in real estate. Throughout that time Brock developed his own model for analyzing deals after discovering that no other tools offered a simple and concise way to analyze a syndicated deal. Now the blueprint is available to you..


How long is the course?

10 part video series that goes through every piece of the process.

How much one on one time do I get with the Advanced option?

Total of 8 calls and each call will be one hour. 7 calls will be group calls with industry experts and colleague deal review. 1 call will be one on one to dive deep into anything you want to review.

When do the group calls start?

Depends on timing but usually one week after purchase.

Is there a guarantee I will become a proficient underwriter?

The guarantee comes with the Advanced option. Although the course explains everything you need to know, the Advanced option takes more of a hand holding approach through the one on one calls.

So first thing, more than anything, know your numbers.

Tilman Fertitta - Billionaire Investor

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